Welcome to the Psychology Network!  King's Psychology Network offers you many supportive materials in the study of psychology.  Eventually, this will be a comprehensive site that will enable you to explore many subfields of psychology. You can use this site to support your studies of the subject; or, to improve your understanding and quality of life. The site will facilitate your learning and development.  It is open to students of psychology and other related social science fields; as well as to the everyday citizen who would like to continue growing and developing. King's Psychology Network is an independent website designed for students of psychology, worldwide.

This site contains many pages.  It has reference sources, interesting links on a variety of subjects by category, an online discussion and chatroom, lessons, PowerPoint presentations, student and adult projects, and more.


At the top of the home page are the following important pages for your use and they are hyperlinked below:

Meet Your Teacher - provides information and background on your professor.

Contact Me - provides information on office location, office hours, mailing address and phone number.

My Favorite Web Links - provides you with some of my favorite sites.

Featured Videos- provides information on people, human nature and development; and, current issues in psychology.

Class Bulletin Board - includes a listing of the most important dates and meeting times for psychology activities such as the Psychology Discussion Forums, Meditation Sessions, Study Groups, Psychology Fair and more for the semester.

Student Assignments - Will list any assignments that are due.  Please check this page often, especially when there is inclement weather, some unexpected school closing, or when there is no class meeting because your instructor has a meeting.

Forum Topics -  includes a listing of possible forum topics from the psychology media collection and your professor's personal library collection.

Psychology Fair - Announces dates and activities of the psychology fair. Also includes downloadable guidelines and application form.  Announces psychology fair winners.

Study Abroad

Class Photo Album - Contains pictures from class activities and special events.

Student Projects and Websites - Contains some of the outstanding and creative work of students, including concept models, digital portfolios and websites.  A page on  exemplary student papers also will be added in the future.

Service Learning - This page provides an overview of Service Learning which is an option as a final project in all psychology courses.  Please read carefully and understand the requirements for service learning.  In addition, I list some examples of the types of service learning projects that have been developed by students, along with a PowerPoint presentation on SL and a set of guidelines for developing your project.  These can be downloaded.

Game-New WorldQuest - A strategic/problem-solving simulation and action game.

Inner Self Seminars - A new self-development seminar series offered to students, faculty, staff and the community.

Study Strategy Tips - Pay particular attention to this page, which has some very useful suggestions about how to study for my psychology courses, along with a very useful set of links.  Developing a good set of study skills is critical to success in this course.

My Art in Watercolors, Pastels and Acrylics - Another chance to get to know some of my interests.
     I have included select images of my paintings.

My Digital Art & Photographs - I enjoy photography.

Guest Artists - A page featuring my professional artist associates and friends.

Psychology Blog- Blog on current issues in psychology.

Guide to This Site - provides you with a map of where every subject and page is located on this site.

Will provide you with a quick overview of new additions on the site.

Please use the search engine to find items or topics on the site. Below is a listing of topics on the site, though this listing may not be complete as the site is regularly updated and other topics are being added.
Each main page is hyperlinked. You can click on the dotted lines to get to the main page and subpages.

Main Page
Sub Pages Under Main Page
Overview of Class Schedule Psy 201
Psy Forums & Activities
Downloadable Handouts in Adobe PDF (Portfolio and SL Guidelines; Student Performance Record, Poster Presentations, Reflective Journals, APA/APS, Student Performance Record, Questions About Course Requirements)
Overview of Psychology
History of Psychology
Psychohistory: St. Thomas Acquinas
The Enteric Nervous System: The Brain in the Gut
The Role of Evolutionary Theory in Describing Sexual Behavior
Work Motivation
Emotion: Exercise and Physical Arousal
Animal Cognition
References, Libraries, On-line Journals, Style Manuals & Study Guides
History of Psychology
Ethics in Psychology
Brain and Behavior
Sensation and Perception
Motivation and Emotion
Thinking, Language & Intelligence
Animal Learning, Language and Cognition
Theories of Personality
Altered States of Consciousness
Psychopathology: Psychological Disorders
Social Psychology
Overview Page
Overview of Psychology
Research on Human & Animal Subjects
Brain & Behavior
Evolutionary Psychology
Thinking & Language
Language or Thinking?
Thinking Without Language
Language and Development
Animal Learning, Language & Cognition
Altered States of Consciousness
Social Psychology
What is Psychology?
PowerPoint Presentations

Main Page
Sub Pages Under Main Page
Psychology 230
Psychology 235
Forums & Activities
Downloadable Handouts in Adobe PDF (Portfolio Guidelines, Service Learning Guidelines)
Examinations-Psy 231
Debate Guidelines
Jean Piaget's Genetic Epistemological Theory of Development
Genetics, Conception & Prenatal Development: Discussion Guidelines
Infancy & Toddlerhood: Discussion Guidelines
My Toddler Friend Cael
Childhood: Historical Perspectives
Childhood Play
Childhood & Video Games
Childhood: Discussion Guidelines
Indigo Children & Adults
Adolescence: Overview, History, Theories
Erik Erik Erikson's Young Man Luther
Mature Adulthood: My Friend Phyllis (Case Study)
Mature Adulthood: My Friend Bob (Case Study)
References, Libraries, Online Journals, Style Manuals & Study Guides
Overview of Development
Developmental Theories
Genetics and Genetic Engineering
Prenatal Development & Birth
Infancy & Toddlerhood
Childhood: Early and Middle
Mental Health Risk Factors: A Directory of Resources for Children & Adolescents
Young and Middle Adulthood
Mature Adulthood - Aging
Dying, Death & Grieving
Overview Page
Theories on Development
Genetics & Genetic Engineering
Conception & Prenatal Development
Birth, Infancy & Toddlerhood
Early and Middle Childhood
Young Adulthood
Middle Adulthood
Mature Adulthood
Death & Dying
PowerPoint Presentations

Main Page
Sub Pages Under Main Page
Detailed Topical Overview
What is Research?
Tools of Research
Topics, Problem, Questions & Hypotheses
Literature Reviews
APA Format
Research Design
Data Analysis
Research Presentation
References, Libraries, Online Journals, Research and Style Manuals and Study Guides
Ethics in Research
Research Tools and Methods
Writing Research Reports
Research Types
Data Analysis
Research Presentation
APA Style and Format

Main Page
Sub Pages Under Main Page
Overview of Theories, Theorists, & Related Links
Other Theorists To Be Added
Martin Luther
Evaluate Theories


Main Page
Sub Pages Under Main Page
Health Psychology
Cognitive Sciences
Comparative Pspychology
Developmental Science
Energy Medicine
Evolutionary Psychology
Positive Psychology
Quantum Physics and Psychology

Main Page
Sub Pages Under Main Page
Study Abroad Tours
2012-Grand Tour of Europe
2014-Sicily and Rome
2015-South America-Peru
Why Study Abroad?
Benefits and Impacts
Study Abroad Requirements
About EF Tours, Inc.
People & Language
Culture & Religion
'Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
Paris-Ile de la Cite, Ile St. Louis, The Seine, The Celts, The Romans, Arrondissements, Behavior and Culture, Architecture
Overview of French Riviera
Scenes from Oxford University Roundtable, Oxford, England
The Home of William Shakespeare
The Home of Winston Churchill

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