In this section, you will find lessons from our class discussions and more detailed lessons on subjects we were not able to cover in class that are pertinent to studying psychology.  These lessons are for your absorption and you may also print them to include in your notes.

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Lessons, Case Studies & Handouts   |    Handouts   |   Debate Guidelines   |   Examinations-Psy 230 & 235   |   Jean Piaget   |   Genetics, Conception & Prenatal Development: Discussion Guidelines   |   Prenatal Development: Fetal Brain Development   |   Infancy & Toddlerhood:  Discussion Guidelines   |   Maternal Employment &  Infant Development   |   My Toddler Friend Cael   |   Childhood-Historical Perspectives   |   Childhood Play   |   Childhood & Video Games   |   Childhood: Discussion Guidelines   |   Indigo Children & Adults   |   Adolescence-Overview, History, Theories   |   Adolescence: Can We Do Without It?   |   Young Man Luther   |   Mature Adulthood: My Friend Phyllis   |   Mature Adulthood: My Friend Bob   |   Centenarians