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Water Has Memory

A Challenging Bucket of Water

Human (Volume 1)
Love, Women, Work and Poverty

Human (Volume 2)
War, Forgiving, Homosexuality, Family and Life After Death

Human (Volume 3)
Happiness, Education, Disbility, Immigration, Corruption and the Meaning of Life


The New Science of Mind-What Would it Look Like?

The Psychology of Evil and Heroism

Portraits of the Human Spirit

Howard Gardner-Five Minds for the Future

Visualizing the Wonder of a Living Cell

Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to Birth-Visualized

Recreating the Brain, David Cox


 Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein-How I See the World

Henrietta Leavitt: Unsung Heroine in Science
Narrated by Dr. Pangratios Papacosta, Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois

Connecting Science with History and Arts, Dr. Pangratios Papacosta
Professor of Physics, Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois

Victor Frankl: Man's Search for Meaning

Oliver Sacks: Hallucinations and the Mind


The Vegetable Orchestra

Great Chinese State Circus-Swan Dance

Yundi Li at age 15 - Yellow River Piano Concerto
North Korean Children Playing Guitar


 Ministry through Mime-"He Sees the Best in Me"-Kenneth Mackey, Columbus, Ohio

 Ministry through Mime- "I Need Thee" -Kenneth Mackey, Columbus, Ohio