Biophysiology of Stress, Anger and Fear

The Impact of Stress on Body and Mind

How does stress affect the body, brain and behavior?  What are the current stressors in your life?  How can we better manage stress?  View the Power Point presentation below.  Note:  You need Power Point software on your computer to view.  Also visit other related links on stress listed below. Then go to Web Board to post your response.

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation


Web Links on Stress:

How Does Chronic Stress Affect Us?

The Stress Epidemic and the Silent Killer

Model of Stress

Anger and Its Impact on the Brain and Body and How To Manage It
How does anger have an effect on the body?  What are the psychological and physiological effects?  What does the current research say about anger?  Does anger kill?  Why?  What are ways we can manage anger?

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation


Web Links on Anger

Physiology of Anger

Managing Anger: 7 Anger Management Techniques

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Fear and its Impact on Brain and Body and How to Manage It
Fear can make and keep you sick and even kill you?  

Searching the Brain for the Roots of Fear