About EF Educational Tours, Inc.

EF Tours, Inc., has been leading tours for over 40 years and is a pioneer in the field of international education and experiential learning. EF Tours is a fully accredited international tour company.  EF's unique LEADERS learning model ensures that students develop tangible life skills on tour. LEADERS is a progressive experiential learning model aligned with national standards and designed to stimulate academic interest, build character, develop leadership skills and enhance cultural sensitivity.   According to EF, their study abroad tours have the following outcomes on participants:

Learning - Building enthusiasm for gaining knowledge

Experience - Connecting lessons to life

Awareness - Understanding and celebrating differences

Discovery - Developing life skills through independent exploration

Empowerment - Realizing the ability to make a positive contribution

Respect - Attaining an appreciation for other people and cultures

Success - Returning home with new tools for an exceptional future

Pre-travel preparation combined with guided on-tour learning enables students to progress from enthusiastic participants to active leaders.  EF students gain the skills they need to succeed in school work and in a global future.

Participating in an EF tour will greatly enhance  participants' and students' knowledge of world history, art, language, culture, psychology and more.  Students are forever impacted by the study abroad experience.  The study tour days are filled with educational lectures, experiences, exchanges and  private guides for the tour participant.

EF Tours, Inc., fosters future world leaders with their Global Citizens Award Program.  This program provides ten outstanding students with the chance to become young ambassadors for America on a special multi-country tour of Europe.

EF Tours, Inc., now offers credit for their tours for students who apply and fulfill the course requirements. Credit is awarded through an accredited college.

Students can travel abroad for as little as $50 a month through EF tours with their new AutoPay monthly payment plan. My study tours are developed a year in advance to allow students to take advantage of this opportunity.  Students who enroll early can spread their payments over many months, and reduce their monthly commitment to as little as $50.

Your dollar goes further on an EF tour as your tour price covers round trip airfare, a full-time bilingual tour director, transportation to all cities on the tour, hotel stays, 2 meals a day, and the majority of the  privately-led guided sightseeing tours by educated professionals.

EF Educational Tours is supported by a global network of hundreds of offices in 51 countries.  Wherever you travel, EF is there.  EF is a multinational organization that maintains the highest quality and security standards. The  Smithsonian Institution's Resident Associates Program's Travel Abroad Office in Washington, DC, has now contracted with EF Tours, Inc. to coordinate their study abroad program.

The North American headquarters for EF Tours is located in Boston, Massachusetts.  The European headquarters in located in Lucerne, Switzerland.

We have enjoyed traveling with this first-class company.  You get more than what you pay for on an EF tour!