Why Study Abroad?

Study abroad can change your perspectives and world by enlarging your options and vision. It is a great opportunity for personal growth. You can learn by living the experience.  You encounter new cultures and languages first hand. You will significantly increase your knowledge of world history.  Instead of reading and looking at pictures about world-famous places, works of art, culture, and more, you actually get an opportunity to experience these directly.  Studying abroad is a significant opportunity for experiential learning.

According to the Institute of International Education, more than 160,000 college students studied abroad last year.  The number of US and Canadian students studying abroad has increased by 60% within the last 5 years.

A global perspective and cross-cultural competence are crucial for success in today's world.  Study abroad will enrich your life and allow you to gain new insights about the world.

Benefits and Impacts

Here are some additional benefits and impacts from study abroad:

It is the experience of a lifetime.
You can help create global awareness by studying abroad.
It broadens your perspective on the US society, self, and world.
It will give you new insight as to how the world looks.
Studying abroad offers unique learning opportunities.
Provides preparation for active engagement in the international community.
Learn similarities and differences between cultures.
Gain a better understanding about similarities and differences.
Increase cultural awareness and gain firsthand knowledge of other society's and cultures.
Meet new people.
Learn a new language.
Travel the world.
Learn about yourself.
Strengthen your social skills.
Preparation to live, work and compete in the global economy.
Promotes tolerance and reduces conflict.
You will multiply your career options and build your resume.
Many businesses and organizations are looking for people with international experience.
You will gain a competitive edge that future employers will recognize in a society which is becoming increasingly international in scope.
Experience amazing personal growth, especially in the areas of independence and self-confidence.
Develop a global resume.
Explore the role you can play in the global community.
Enjoy new and different activities that are native to the host country.
Sharpen interpersonal and communications skills through interacting with people from different backgrounds than your own.

Study Abroad Requirements

All tour members will designate some aspect of Country's culture or behavior they want to study.  Study questions also may be related to your particular area of study.  Interesting topics have been related to art, history, fashion, youth population, mannerism, social issues, architecture, symbolism and more.

Study tour members are studying on-line and visiting links about the places to be visited.  We will also have one or several half-day meetings in  late April to early May. During the study tour participants will keep a journal and take photos for a photographic journal on
our studies and experiences. At dinner, we will spend some time discussing the events of the day.

Students who are studying particular aspects of culture and behavior will be responsible for developing a report on their specific content area(s). We will then compile our tour findings with pictures, essays and descriptions for publication on the course Web site for public education and viewing.  Tour participants will receive an EF backpack and  journal for the trip. Students will be asked to write up their summary descriptions on the trip back home for submission before departing the airport in the U.S.