My Art in Watercolors1

Artist Statement: "They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have a love for beauty and aesthetics--in people, nature, the environment, and the world.  This beauty comes from within humankind and is depicted in what we create and who we are.  I like painting in vivid colors--as this is the beauty that I see.  I also like painting a variety of subject matter and experimenting with different techniques, media, and color.  My basic paints are watercolors and soft pastels, but I experiment with many other paints, including acrylics, ink, crayons, colored pencils and more. I like creating art in mixed media. I oftentimes blend in my calligraphy with my art, especially as I create my handcrafted cards and notes.  I have been fortunate to have many enlightened, creative, and talented teachers, guides, associates and friends, who have also contributed to my evolution as an artist."   Rosalyn M. King

Past Exhibits:

 September 6, 2002 to October 30, 2002, Gallery, Galleria Realtors, 2861 34th Street South, St. Petersburg, Florida 33711
 October 15, 2002 to Janaury 10, 2003, Tampa City Center, 1st Floor Gallery,  201 N. Franklin Street, Downtown Tampa, Florida 33602
 January 12, 2003 to April 10, 2003, Tampa City Center, 1st Floor Gallery, 201 N. Franklin Street, Downtown Tampa, Florida 33602
 Summer 2003 to Summer 2009, Owen J. Sweet Design, Gallery, 16701 Gulf Boulevard, North Redington Beach, Fl 33708, 727-392-6936


 Recent Paintings

Colorful Bird
Watercolor on Paper

          Louis Comfort Tiffany, Circa 1910                                                          The Masquerade Party
Double Poinsettia Lamp                     Watercolor on Yupo

Hide and Seek
Watercolor on Yupo

Toto's Dream
Watercolor on Yupo

         Faces in the Spirit World                                         Eyes Are Watching
Watercolor on Yupo

                                           The Genie                                                                                                The Lotus
Watercolor on Yupo

"Moses on the Mount-2"                                "Moses on the Mount-1"
                                                               Watercolor on Yupo, 9x12

"Water Flowers" -Watercolor on Yupo, 9 x 12                                   "Fragrant and Colorful"-Watercolor on Paper, 9 x 12

"Seascape"  --Watercolor on Yupo, 9 x 12                                                                      "Illumination"--Watercolor on Paper, 9x12

"The Longevity Cranes"
Watercolor on Paper, 9 x 12.

"Adoration of the Magi"
Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris France
Stained Glass Window
(Watercolor on Yupo)

"A Green Twig, Likewise"
 Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris France
Stained Glass Window
(Watercolor on Yupo)



            The Mexican Castle, 22 X 30                                       Hamilton-Turner House, Savannah, GA, 22 X 30   


                               Self-Portrait, 22 X 30                                            My Mom in Young Adulthood, 22x30

                     Jester of Joy                                                    Jesters of Unity
                      Watercolor on Paper                                                                               Watercolor on Paper

My Version of Monet's Lady with the Umbrella
(Watercolor on Yupo)

The Flower Goddess, 21 X 26
Watercolor on Yupo

  Golden Elegance, 22 X 30 with 24K Gold Leaf

                              John Singer Sargeant's Ladies

The Folk Dancer
(Watercolors on Yupo)

 Adoration-Mixed Media
 Watercolor and Pastel on Yupo
 Still Life

  Mable's Lady at Ca`d 'Zan, 22 X 30                                               Blue Cherub, 22 X 30      

 Venetian Glass Bulbs                                                                        
Watercolor on Yupo       

Purple Hummingbird
(Watercolor on Paper)


            Australian Rosella, 22 X 30                                               Australian Cinnamon Cockatiel, 22 X 30

Colorful Dutch Fragrance (Watercolor on Yupo)                             Colorful Cranes (Watercolor on Paper)

Blue & Gold Macaw in the Rain Forest -Watercolor on Yupo                                                 Virginia Nightingale
                                                         Watercolor on Yupo

Parrot                                                                                                Parrot    

                   The Florida Cranes  (On Canvas)                                                                     Doves: Peace & Love   

                         Doves: Peace & Love, Version2                                                Doves: Peace & Love, Version 3                 

 Purple Hummer                                                                          Purple Hummer

Purple Hummingbird                                                              Broadtailed Hummingbird    

Purple Hummingbird

Rufous Hummingbird                                                    Crowned Woodnymph Hummingbird

 Other Animals

Watership Bunnies                                                                                Birth at Easter


** My Mom's Backyard on the Ribault River
26X40, Watercolor on Yupo

Gardens, Buddhist Temple, Japan (Watercolors on Yupo) 21 x 26

Waterfall at Senso-ji Temple (Asakusa Kannon), Tokyo, Japan
Can you see the faces in the rocks?
Watercolor on Yupo

In the Ring of Kerry, Ireland
Watercolor on Yupo

Sails on the Gulf at Sunset

The Staghorn Tree at Selby Gardens, Watercolor on Yupo

Waterfall at Selby Gardens, 21 X 26
Watercolor on Yupo

Tropical Sunset                                                                                       Radiant Sky

View From The Other Side                                                                        The Crossing

Cruising                                                                                   New England

Fort Desoto Park, Fl   (Plein Air)                                                            Tropical House

Sunset                                                                           Arrowhead at Fort Desoto Park

                   Arrowhead 2 at Fort Desoto Park                                                  Pass-A-Grille Beach Happenings

The Wilderness                                                                                World of Color