Dying, Death and Grieving

General Sites and Links

Death Related Weblinks
More web links on dying and death. Discusses the American way of dying, social meaning, children and death, attitudes about death, the dying process, cross-cultural perspectives, the history of bereavement and much more.

The Dying Process

Death in America: Project on Death, Dying and Bereavement
The goal of this project is to help people understand and transform the dying experience in America. Includes extensive links on the subject.

Hospice Foundation of America
Information on hospice and the work of the Foundation.

Oliver Sacks on Learning He Had Terminal Cancer
A reflection on the process of dying by Dr. Oliver Sacks.

Ethical Issues

Euthanasia: Ethics Updates
Contains articles on biomedical ethics and issues of euthanasia. Includes recent articles, ancient concepts, legal and legislative information, selected philosophical literature, links and a search engine.

The Kervorkian File
A documentary about Jack Kervokian.

The Hemlock Society
Information on planning for a peaceful death. This is the oldest and largest right to die organization in the U.S. The Hemlock Society believes that people who wish to retain their dignity and choice at the end of life should have the option of a peaceful, gentle, certain, and swift death in the company of their loved ones.

Advanced Directives, Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Facts on Health Care Advance Directives
Everything you need to know about making advanced care directives.

Living Wills (Advance Directives)
The largest collection of links on living wills. Includes samples of introductions, forms, and information by state.

Wills, Trusts and Estates
A website filled with information on estate planning, federal wealth transfer taxes, execution, validity and components of wills and construction of wills.

After Death Preparations-Cryonics, Funerals, Burials

Cryonics, Cryogenics, and the Alcor Foundation
The site of the Alcor Foundation, the world's largest cryonics and cryotransport organization. Take a photo tour of the facility and see the process they use to preserve and freeze bodies. Go to related links page for additional resources on this and related subjects.

The Internet Cremation Society
Provides statistics on cremations, links to funeral industry resources and answers to frequently asked questions.

Funeral and Memorial Societies of America
Includes funeral guides, planning and issues of social concern.

Bereavement and Support

Grief Net
Produced by a nonprofit organization, Rivendell Resources. This site provides many links to the Web on the bereavement process. Also includes resources for grievers and support groups. Go to the library for articles, manuscripts, annotated bibliographies, books, poetry, and more on the subject.

The Compassionate Friends Organization
A self-help organization for bereaved parents and siblings. There are hundreds of chapters worldwide.

Widow Net
An information and self-help resource site for and by widows and widowers. There is information here helpful to all persons.